Intravenous Nutritional and Detoxification Therapies

Rejuvenating, de-stressing, replenishing, healthy-aging and detoxifying—

CLEAR Center of Health has created this IV menu to assist you in your healthcare goals.
All IV therapies are tailored specifically to our individual patients needs. These are just a few of the features and benefits of Intravenous Therapies available at CLEAR.

The CLEAR Cocktail
This is our celebrated Fast Boost IV. Powered by potent antioxidant Glutathione as well as Vitamin C, Magnesium, and B vitamins, this IV takes only 15-30 minutes and can energize after a long and stressful week or as part of a Longevity protocol. Devoted fans of this IV make this a monthly or even weekly habit.

The Clarity is an IV for those that are feeling mentally cloudy or what is more commonly called “Brain Fog”. Many of the toxins in our environment are fat soluble and collect in cell membranes. The accumulated toxins disrupt membrane receptor function which in turn slows down cellular metabolism especially as it relates to the fatty tissues of the brain. The Clarity IV neutralizes and kicks out these toxins replacing them with nutrients to enhance brain and neurotransmitter activity.

Ideal therapy for those doing a CLEAR Cleanse, although CLEAR Out can be prescribed on its own or as the beginning step to any cleanse program. The IV is packed with Phosphatidylcholine. This important phospholipid helps up regulate the production and flow of bile helping to clear out toxins stored in the liver. The added Glutathione helps neutralize and eliminate toxins.

For patients whose energy reserves have been depleted by stress, a busy work schedule or illness, this IV contains classic nutrients such as Vitamin C, B vitamins, Amino Acids and minerals. We add some homeopathics to counteract the emotional trauma stress creates and beefed up the Glutathione for an added boost.

One of our most popular IV therapies, CALM delivers alert relaxation and is ideal for patients with sleep difficulties, tension or anxiety. If you’ve had stress filled weeks consider a CALM IV on a Friday afternoon.
This IV can be combined with

When you simply can not afford to be sick! This IV is perfect for cold and Flu season to beat or prevent the onset of a viral infection.
High Dose Vitamin C, and B Vitamins increase white blood cell production and a special unique to CLEAR homeopathic Thymic Stimulator from Switzerland enhances the immune system ability to fight microbes.

This IV increases ATP- the energy currency in the body and was created for the Weekend athlete (or professional) that wants to boost their training efforts and performance before the big race or event. Enhanced with extra amnio acids and B Vitamins the effects of this IV therapy include up regulating mitochondrial function. Mitochondria transform the oxygen we breathe into energy, which is especially important in the heart and muscle tissue. These tissues have a high energy demand and increased energy production means optimal performance.

During sports muscles get damaged from microscopic tears and trauma, which causes delayed onset muscle soreness.  Our popular Recovery IV gets nutrients and electrolytes to tissues fast. High in Antioxidants and minerals, this IV promotes healing and repair; replenishing and relaxing tired or strained muscles.